Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Patterned Tights

Today's Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge and the theme was patterned tights (or socks) and despite it being a rainy, cold, miserable day I was determined to wear these mad tights!
I decided to base the rest of my outfit around pink - because I just love being "matchy-matchy". I wore this little pink dress that I bought from my friend Chloe's blogshop - she sells lots of pre-loved (& sometimes new) clothes for $5 or $10 Singapore dollars. You should check out her blog and her online store - both are rad.
I wore this creepy lady necklace - to avoid being too cutie cutie! I bought this creepy lady at the Rose Street Markets in Melbourne when I visited last year.
I'm kind of into wearing a whole bunch of brooches/badges at the moment, rather then just one. These badges I received from my friends Conor and Sue for my birthday last year.
Rich told me to pull a silly face, I'm not the best a pulling silly faces though - as you guys may have already realised.
Hope you've all had a rad week so far - half way to the weekend already!!

Shoes - Retro Room
Tights - Equipt
Dress - Chloe's Blog store
Necklace - Rose Street Markets, Melbourne
Cardi - Glassons
Badges - Birthday Gift from Conor & Sue


Vintage Sweetheart said...

You look super cute'! Lovin the tights and the weird lady necklace. xx

Vix said...

Those tights are gorgeous, I love them with that sweet pink frock. That necklace is amazing, it reminds me of my wall Of Misery! x

two squirrels said...

Oh the tights are super cute and look so pretty with the lovely wee dress. All so delicious!
I love the lady pendant.
Love v

Vintage Bird Girl said...

That frock looks fab on you....such a pretty colour & the fit really suits you. I do love a cluster of brooches too. Maybe I'll have to call it a brood of brooches. Xx

cb said...

i love the tights with that dress. it looks really great on you! i too like to be matchy matchy, it is fun that way ;D

Helga said...

I love this outfit!! Your tights looked like pink camo at first!
The creepy lady pendant IS creepy,but in the BEST possible way!You always have the quirkiest and cutest accessories!

alicia said...

such a cute dress - and those are my favourite shoes ever! WANT.


Stacey said...

Amazing! I love, love, love this outfit. I'm usually not a pink person, but this snazzy ensemble has won me over - those tights are possibly the best thing I have ever seen!