Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Purple

This week's wardrobe challenge was a simple colour challenge - wear purple - I don't have a lot of purple things but I was pretty happy with the outfit I pulled together.
This little squid brooch was made by my friend Vany - I think its pretty much the cutest thing in the world. At the very least, its the cutest squid in the world!
When searching amongst my many accessories I found these purple beads - I actually do remember picking them up at a clothes swap party, but I haven't worn them often.
Finally a post that shows the amazing fabric of this dress (even if it is a little crinkled) - I actually received this dress in a craft swap.Also, its the depth of winter here so there are loads of days at the moment where two pairs of tights are required.
So glad its Friday tomorrow - it feels like its been a very long week! It's my birthday this Sunday and I have been lucky enough to have already received not one but two packages in the mail. Although, it's hard to resist opening them until Sunday.


Shoes - Op Shopped, Hospice Shop, Kilbirnie
Lace Tights - Equipt
Purple Tights - Shanton
Dress - From a craft swap
Belt - From another dress
Cardi - Glassons
Beads - Clothes Swap
Brooch - Made by my incredibly talented friend Vany


Curtise said...

I love a bit of purple! Gorgeous peacock feather print, and that squid is very cute, as squids go! xxx

Vix said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday!!
That is one beautiful dress, I love peacock feathers and the tights complement it brilliantly. Love the squid brooch! x

cb said...

that would have been hard for me too. i don't have much purple. i love the pattern on your skirt, so cute!

Unknown said...

love the outfit! the shoes are especially cute :D
and the necklace too!
Rosie xo
A Pocketful of Rosie

Stacey said...

Happy early birthday! I love your purple outfit, especially that squid brooch! It is so cute.

Clara Turbay said...

Nice necklace!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday :)
It's my man's Birthday Saturday.

Gorgeous dress & your necklace is really pretty too xo

Helga said...

OMG,your b'day is tomorrow?!EEEK!
Well,that must be good timing on my part!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!!!! I bet you have a rolicking fun day!
Sweets,you've got a new look! I love it,the header is adorable!!! As is your Wednesday outfit!The octopus totally rocks!I was expecting to come back to 40 layers of warmies weather,but it doesn't seem tooooo bad....or I am just SO jetlagged I'm not noticing.Whatever!Nice to be home! I have a lot of catching up to do,must perve at your Vanuatu snaps!!!

Monsterchen said...

oh my god this brooch is really adorable!!! well i love the whole outfit! you look great darling!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Purple has become a favourite for me over the years! Love the double tights. Happy birthday I hope you had a marvelous day. xx

Wait Until The Sunset said...

looking super cute! I love that brooch! Hope you had a lovely birthday today! xxx

Unknown said...

I love the pattern mixing and those fabulous tights! Hope you had a gorgeous birthday! Sarah xxx

alicia said...

bear's favourite colour is purple because it's "the colour of kings". i love the little squid! <3