Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Colourful Scarf

Today's wardrobe challenge was "colourful scarves" I wear a scarf pretty much every second or third day so it wasn't too much of a challenge. I decided to wear this white and red scarf that I bought from a local Asian import store - I rarely seem to wear it so I thought it was a good chance to crack it out.
I wore my little heart shoes for the second Wednesday wardrobe challenge in a row - this time with my white poka dot tights.
A whole bunch of brooches - the fish is op shopped and the other two I received in a craft swap.
You can't really see it in this picture - but my ring in an octopus!
I bought this top at a "$5 fill a bag" jumble sale a couple of weekends ago - it was a kind of mad sale, so MANY clothes!!
A couple of you asked me yesterday if Rich is regularly a crafty type - the answer to this is yes! Although he doesn't get to do creative things as much as he would like to these days as he is working full time plus doing his Masters degree which doesn't leave him with a lot of free time for art or crafts.

But he does still update his blog "Rich made this" and he has his own cross-stitch pattern store on esty called Robotsoon.

It's good he is also crafty - I'm not sure a non-crafty guy would be so understanding of piles of fabric, beads, buttons, zippers and other crafty bits and pieces!


Shoes - Retro Room
Tights & Bracelet - Equipt
Skirt - Made by Me
Cardi and Belt - Glassons
Top - $5 fill a bag Opportunity for Animals
Ring - Uijeongbu Underground Mall, South Korea
Scarf - Asian import store, Left Bank, Cuba Street, Wellington
Fish Brooch - Hospice Shop, Kilbirnie, Wellington
Flower & Boat Brooch - Craft Swap


Vix said...

Yay, I'm subliminally plying today 'cos I'm sporting a colourful scarf! What a fab outfit, that skirt and shoes are particularly cute! xxx

alicia said...

i love having crafty men/bears around! SO USEFUL!


Wait Until The Sunset said...

oh!! super pretty!!! And I love those shoes! xx

cb said...

that is so awesome that rich is also crafty! i love it! tom kinda is but not really. i love your nautical theme you have going on, always a favorite of mine :)

Stacey said...

Yay, I'm wearing a bright blue scarf today! You look so adorable, I just love this outfit all over. Oh, and if someone steals your shoes & polka-dot stockings, it wasn't me. ;)

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the way you tied your scarf Wearing three brooches together looks great. I'll have to try it. I love Rich's Doctor Who cross stitch patterns. It's awesome that he's into craft too.

Unknown said...

You look super duper cute - I especially love the trio of brooches. And you are so lucky to have a lovely crafty lover - you're a match made in heaven! Sarah xxx

Monsterchen said...

omg this is fabulousity from head to toe! i love your heart heels and the brooches!

Helga said...

Fabulous!!! Scarves are the best,I must have a billion of them!I don't wear them enough,though!