Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fox and Owl

I've been feeling a little bit down and pretty exhausted this week - nothing in particular really - just a bit "over it". I suspect that winter is playing a fairly significant role in this - I'm over grey days and rain and wearing jackets and scarves and hats.

I just want to have a day where I can hang out in the sunshine with my friends - unfortunately everyone seems to be sick due to winter bugs and the sun only seems to come out for a few hours on work days.

Oh well - at least my crafting skill are totally bad-ass - I just thought I'd share a couple embroidery hoops I did a while ago for an "Owl & Fox" swap on Craftster - I thought they turned out pretty well.

I have also been reading about comic con quite a lot this week - mostly because I like to look at all the cosplay outfits. It's further ignited my desire to make another costume, but I have no reason to make another costume. Perhaps I need to host a wee soiree as a reason to dress up?

Well, I best be going - I hope you've all had a rad week and I am SO happy its FRIDAY tomorrow!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

they look awesome! I'd love to have them on my wall!! Needle crafts are not my forte. xx

Vix said...

I hear you about the weather! It's so fricking draining when it's day in and day out of grey skies and endless rain.
Those crafty things are fabulous, best embroidery I've ever seen! x

Curtise said...

The owl and the pussycat - now you need to do their pea-green boat!
The weather - don't get me started on the weather... Hope you feel brighter soon, the weekend usually helps! xxxx

cb said...

the fox ix the cutest! i love it sooo much! great job sweetie!

Krista said...

I love your crafty creations and I too am a fan of costumes, who needs an excuse just make one!

alicia said...

yay fox! <3

Meghan Edge said...

All the comic con posts are making me miss my steampunk costumes so bad, but I have no way of getting to the event anymore. Sad face about not being able to dress up.

I love that fox so much! I hope you feel better. I'm over summer. Want to trade? It's only over 100 degrees here.

Wait Until The Sunset said...

aww I hate feeling down. Winter always makes me feel less cheerful though, something about the cold I think. Just think of all the adventures we will have in the sun when you come visit though!

But yes, craft skills: level bad-ass!


Camelia Crinoline said...

They look great. I love the one on the gingham. I hope you're feeling better/less exhausted soon.

Unknown said...

So gorgeous! Sarah xxx