Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Corporate Punk

This weeks Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was "Corporate Punk" - I only have one dress than could be counted as being corporate, so I decided to wear that and add all kinds of punk accessories.

I decided to wear fishnets today to be a little more punk, but to be honest, it was the coldest day we have had in ages so it wasn't the best idea. At least I had my boots to keep me warm.

I decided to rock my skull scarf and a few wee badges, these are a few of the badges I got from my friends Conor and Sue for my birthday this year.

I bought these sleeves in Harajuku when I visited Japan. The characters are called "Hangry and Angry" they are these kind of punk rock kitties.

I love my little dead bunny ring - I bought it in Shanghai - quite the global outfit today!

Finally - Rich told me if I was going to be a punk I needed to be angry and smarmy, which is pretty much impossible for me.


Boots: Bought in Seoul
Tights: I don't remeber!
Dress: Op Shopped, Opportunity for Animals, Kilbirnie
Blazer: Jayjays
Badges: Paperchase, Birthday Present from Conor & Sue
Scarf: Equipt
Sleeves: Bought in Harajuku, Japan
Ring: Bought from Street Vendor in Shanghai


Vix said...

Corporate Punk! That sounds like a great name for an alternative clothing company.
You look gorgeous, far too cheeky to look bad ass though!
We used to wear coloured tights under our fishnets, blue would look ace under yours 9and keep your legs warm).
It's back to being cold and windy here now...grrrr! x

cb said...

i really really love this outfit on you! those BOOTS!!!!!!!! are awesome, love them sooo much!

Meghan Edge said...

I will be killing you for your triumphs now.

I love this outfit! I think (other than the TRIUMPHS!!) that my favorite part (also other than the dress) are the sleeves and the dead bunny ring! I love dead bunnies!

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Cute idea! Who set the challenge?

alicia said...

i love it!

Helga said...

Ha,that second last pic is fabulous!!
I'm loving your version of corporate punk!!! Corporate WOW! Love the details,the dead bunny ring is hilariously cute!!

Wait Until The Sunset said...

LOL!!! I love your angry face!!! ;)

This outfit is actually really cool! The mix is awesome and the skull scarf is pretty rad :)

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

Unknown said...

I LOVE CORPORATE PUNK!!!!!! so awesome!!! what great inspiration...hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and inspiration!xox

Trees said...

@ Vix - Corporate Punk! Excellent name for an alternative label. I may be many things - but badass is not one of them;) Good tip about the tights - I may try that next time I decide I MUST wear fishnets on a cold day.

@Cb - Thanks for your comment - I am rather partial to these boots. But I really don't wear them as much as I should!

@Meg - If I ever find anything else dead bunny I'm going to get it for you!

@Cosmia - I left deets of Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge on your blog. You should join us!

@Helga - That's totally my fav pic in this post and its basically as close to being bad ass as I will ever get.

@Olivia - Thanks for the love for my angry face - grrr....angry Trees ( not really...)

@Nina - Hi & thanks for your lovely comment:D

Stacey said...

I love the last photo of you! Corporate punk is a good look for you - I am totally lusting over your scarf right now.