Friday, October 21, 2011

Napier Birthday Adventures - Part 2

Here's a bit more about our holiday to Napier a couple of weekends ago for Rich's birthday.

On Sunday morning we went to a big flea market - I didn't actually buy anything but I thought these tights were pretty rad. I was very tempted to buy some but they were all pretty much plain flesh tone tights - it was just the packaging that was awesome.

After the markets we walked along Marine Parade to the National Aquarium of New Zealand.

In the afternoon we visited the old Napier prison, its actually only been shut since 1993 and its a pretty creepy place.

We also visited the old quarry where the prisoners used to work, its now been turned into a pretty gardens and the waterfall in the last photo is man made.

On our last morning we did a spot of shopping and generally spent some time hanging out the city and of course we took even more photos!

Finally we finished our trip with lunch at the most amazing sushi place - here's Rich's sushi and yes that is a fried sushi roll at the back of the plate.


alicia said...

it looks like you had SO much fun - i love your prison mug shots! you and rich are so adorable together! <3

Helga said...

Hahahhaa,Napier Prison Entertainment & Tours!The sign is just SO jaunty!!! Love the mug shots,and you were looking fecking cute! Man,looks liek you have such a fab time,I HAVE to drag G up there!!!XXX

Vix said...

Fantastic pictures, love you and Rich as convicts.
That hippy mural is fabulous and isn't it disappointing when such groovily packaged tights are always in such vile colours?
That NZ dress is outside a shop called Rooney Wayne. Is that something to do with the English footballer? x

cb said...

wow what an awesome day!!!! i LOVE LOVE going to the aquarium! the really awesome one that is about 3 hours away just got revamped and i really want to go! maybe in the winter :D

Trees said...

@ Alicia - Thanks so much! I try my hardest to be cute, I think the extra cuteness may rub off onto Rich;)

@ Helga - You would LOVE it! Lots of cute little second hand stores, some are spendy but its always fun to look.

@ Vix - The store is "Rodney Wayne" and its the most famous higher end hairstylists in NZ:) Thanks for your comment, I was SO tempted to buy those tights but I thought it was just silly to buy it for the packaging alone.

@Cb - If you do go to the aquarium PLEASE take pics! I just LOVE them so much. I have been to a few different ones and they are simply the most fun EVER!