Monday, October 03, 2011

My Weekend - Sunshine & Rain

Hi folks - here's a quick snapshot of our weekend. We had a stunner of a day on Saturday and then rain on Sunday. I guess that's spring!

On Saturday we were walking to the waterfront when we noticed a whole bunch of people gathering in civic square and we figured that it must be something important so we decided to hang about a bit. Turns out the NZ Navy was marching to the square as part of their 70 year celebrations. The mayor even gave a speech - you can seen her in the front next to some fancy Navy Admiral.
This weekend there was also a temporary tape art work up on the side of Te Papa (which is the National Museum of New Zealand). In the second photo you can see the tape is still being put on the building with the help of a cherry picker.

If you look at the windows of this building you will notice that its full of Angry Birds! Yah! Many hours of my life were wasted on that game when I first got my android phone (and I am currently playing the Halloween edition!).
On Sunday it rained nearly ALL day - bleh! Rich had to do some study in the morning and I decided to do some crafting but I felt like every project I tried to do I didn't have enough supplies for or I just wasn't getting it right. I suppose we all have those days.

But later on in the afternoon we decided to go to the botanical gardens because the spring flowers are out! The tulip festival was last weekend when I was in Melbourne so we figured we should check the tulips out before they are all gone as they seem to last only two or three weeks.

Because of the Rugby World Cup, some of the flower beds were in the shape of the flags of some of the countries in the cup. Can you guess what this one is? South Africa - I think this was one of the better flags.
There wasn't a New Zealand Flag flower bed (I think that would be quite tricky) but there was a silver fern! I liked it a whole lot.

Some of the photos were a little blurry as we took them in the rain - but I especially like this "Ghost" photo of Rich and I!

I'm trying to look cute - despite getting all rained upon! It was nice to get outside even though it resulted in a serious bad hair day.
Hope you all had a super weekend xoxoxo


Vix said...

You certainly lead an action-packed life.
Those floral displays are fab. How lovely to see tulips, a sure sign of spring.
You look gorgeous. x

cb said...

how fun that you got to see the navy march! that is really cool. i love that the windows have the angry birds! that game is just too cute. the noises everyone make are just adorable and perfect! i love tulips, as they are the perfect sign that spring is here!

Helga said...

I think I had too much fun on the weekend!! Love the silver fern flower bed!
Thank you for admiring my sweet capelet! I've had it for over 25 years,a nd I think it's very,very old,possible 30's, not too sure! I love it,but don't wear it too often.It's in really great condition!

Trees said...

@ Vix - I am just lucky really. I live in a city that has a lot of fun free happenings. Thanks for your lovely comment - I was feeling rather sorry for myself when the photo was taken!

@ Cb - I am glad I am not the only on with an Angry Birds addiction;)

@Helga - I so LOVE your caplet. I quite fancy something like that for my trip to Asia in Jan, you know how you visit certain temples and what not and you need to cover up.