Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Frills & Ruffles

Today's wardrobe challenge was "Frills & Ruffles" so I wore a dress with plenty of frills at the bottom!
These shoes still remain as my favourites for now - so friggin cute!
I love this necklace! It is from a kind of "sub-label" (I guess that's the term) of a New Zealand clothing label called Illicit. The label was "Misery" which was the artists name - the label isn't produced any more and I read that Misery has left the art world to head out and volunteer and do all kinds of good work.
This little brooch was a gift from my friend Emi.
I actually wore lipstick today - but to be honest I'm not sure I like it!

Outfit Deets:

Dress: Bargle Fargle Blogshop
Cardy: Glassons
Tights: Farmers
Necklace: Illicit Shop on Cuba Street (Long since closed down *sad face*)
Brooch: Gift from Emi
Shoes: Retro Room


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

Supercute! And those shoes are delightful! I really want to participate in the challenge but Wednesday is an inconvenient outfit posting day :(
I'll work it out!

Trees said...

@ Cosmia - You should do it and just post it another day - the rules aren't that strict:D

Wait Until The Sunset said...

super cute! I love ruffles and probably have too many of them! :)
How do I get in on this Wednesday challenge???

The misery brooch is fab! Cool pieces like this really make an outfit!

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

What Sadie Did said...

I like the lipstick!
And those shoes ARE so cute :)
You must make those cat face ones sometime too! Great seeing you yesterday xx

Vix said...

Man, you sure rock those ruffles. You look like rock chick royalty with the edgy jewels and skinny cardi. x

Meghan Edge said...

Love that dress and the shoes! OMG THE SHOES!

I used to have TUK boots with little hearts all over them. I miss those boots.

alicia said...


also, your card arrived today! already! thank you! <3

Trees said...

@ Olivia - thanks for your sweet comments! You too can join Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - just look it up on facebook and join the group:)

@ Sadie - Oh thanks for your lovely comment on the lippie, I do REALLY need to make those kitty shoes. Will have to pick up some plain shoes from No 1 shoes.

@ Vix - Rock Chick Royalty - Oh you make me blush, such a sweet comment.

@ Meg - TUK shoes *LOVE*

@Alicia - YAH!! You received the card :D

cb said...

love the dress and your shoes!!!!! so cute!