Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge: Bracelets and Bangles

This weeks Wednesday wardrobe challenge was all about bracelets and bangles - so lets start with the main event. When I'm at work I tend to prefer wrist cuffs to bracelets and bangles, mostly due to the fact its easy to type when you're wearing them. I spend a great deal of my work day behind a computer typing.

I also wore a lot of handmade jewellery this Wednesday - the skull cuff and black bracelet above are made by Vany, the wee fox brooch is from a recent swap and the chain and ribbon necklace is my own handiwork.
 I also wore my new winter boots this week - I was thinking I'd like another pair of boots in the winter and then these came up in my Avon brochure for a good price, so I snapped them up.

Here's the whole outfit - I've found I've been wearing a lot of brown lately which must be a winter thing!
Here's a wee bit of a close up of the fabric of the dress, its really quite pretty.
My hair is really starting to get out of control! I'm visiting the hair dresser not this coming weekend but the following. I kind of want to keep it longer, but I also want it to be a bit edgy and fun. Any suggestions?
Finally - Rich was being a bit silly when taking these photos and this was the result!


Boots - Avon
Tights & Cardi - Glassons
Pink & Purple Bracelet - Forever 21, Kuala Lumpur
Skull bead bracelet and black bracelet - Made by Vany
Necklace - Made by me
Fox Brooch - Craft Swap
Heart Ring - Gift from the lovely Curtise
Dress - New Horizons Trust Second Chance Fashion Sale


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Great outfit.....I seem to be wearing more brown lately too, after going off it for years. Love your new boots, & I love the wrist cuffs...especially the first one. Xx

Curtise said...

I was off brown for a while but as with all colours, it depends how you wear them, and teamed with blue it looks particularly good.
Love those boots, and I'm rather taken with that little foxy fella! xxx

Meghan Edge said...

Hey lovely, I love this outfit!! I really want a brooch like that. :-) Very good work. What awesome new boots! I want a pair of slouch boots for winter, but that's months away.


Vix said...

Fab outfit, I can't believe Avon sell boots! I haven't looked on their website for ages.
Love that fox brooch and the pink cuff.
I love your hair as it is but have you ever thought of an inverted bob? keeping it long and colourful at the front and having it really short at the back, kind of like a punky Flapper girl? x

cb said...

typing with bangles or bracelets is really hard, i usually wear them up higher they don't jingle around. i love your dress, it looks so great on you!

alicia said...

man, new zealand avon is awesome! <3

Krista said...

Look at your sexy boots! I am loving all of your cuffs, the first looks like fish scales. Silly pictures are the best!

one denim bird said...

No way! Avon sells boots, get outta here! They are very cool. I adore your red framed specs too - why have I not noticed them before???? I love the cuffs too and you really suit brown! Its a great winter colour. Go wild and edgy with the hair cut - why not!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

love those boots! the little fox brooch is adorable I need to wear more accessories I'm too lazy ha ha. xx