Saturday, June 16, 2012

Friday morning op shopping

Hello all! I decided to take yesterday off to just relax and prepare for our trip - I still don't feel very prepared at all though.

Seen as I was having a weekday off at home (which very rarely happens) I decided to take an  early morning trip to a couple of op shops in Kilbirnie. The main reason for this was to see if I could pick up any Jubilee worthy items for the swap I am taking part in over at Faith, Hope & Charity Shopping - but I did also manage to find some goodies for me as well (of course!).

First up, this wee plastic serving container - I think its pretty cute and I am going to use it to try and get at least some of my jewellery collection in order.

Next up is a couple of vintage sheets for upcycling - the pinky coloured one will become a dress. The white flowery one is really too thin to make anything wearable from (except perhaps as a lining)>  I'll most likely use it as fabric for embroidery or to make pouches and things from.

There seemed to be a lot of great shoes at the op shop this week - but they all seemed to be too big or small for me. But I did find these very cute flats.
Finally - I picked up these cute bowls, there was a set of four but they were selling them at $3 EACH which is a little rich for my op shopping budget. So I just bought two - they are really lovely though.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend - I can't believe I am flying to Vanuatu tomorrow morning at 9:30!


Julia said...

What great finds, I love your new flats xo

Kc said...

Ooo those shoes are cool! :) I haven't been op shopping in so long, I usually go home for lunch now or stay in town so I don't get a chance to visit the shops in the suburbs :( those bowls are cute too!


Vix said...

I bet you're already at Vanuatu now! hope you have the most wonderful time, you lucky girl! x

Krista said...

Love the bowls and the shoes are so you!

Unknown said...

Those shoes are fab - hope you are bare foot on Vanuatu by now! Sarah xxx

Estefanía Ainoza said...


alicia said...

i love the heart tray! i hope you have fun in vanuatu!!! <3

Wait Until The Sunset said...

ooohhh that heart tray is awesome!!