Sunday, June 03, 2012

Look what I got in the mail!!

Handmade Wellington taking a course in Turkish marbelling paper - it was pretty fun. I'll share more about Handmade Wellington with you all later as I have another course to do tomorrow.

Today I want to share some amazing packages I have received in the mail lately - I love mail. If you want to make me happy, just send me a package, even a postcard brightens my day.

Any way my first package was my friend Vany in Germany - Vany and I meet through Craftster - we have been paired not once but twice for swaps and our friendship grew from there. It's not often I meet a girl that likes horror movies, zombies and crafts as much as I do! If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know a little about Vany as we did a 13 Days of Halloween swap together last year (and hopefully again this year - although I will have to talk to Vany about that!).

I think one of the most awesome things about Vany is that she knows just what I like - in fact I think she knows my tastes better than many of my friends I see in real life on a regular basis!

Back when we did our 13 days of Halloween swap I sent Vany a book called Creepy Crochet - I knew she would love it as she does amazing crochet and the book was full of creepy cute projects. A while back she said she would send me a monkey that she crocheted from that book - but I got so much more than a cute monkey!

Here's a cute little nautical themed box I received (you all know how I love nautical themed stuff).

Here's are all the treasures that were inside, first up is of course the wee monkey from the book. What's not to love about this guy - looking fancy in his fez and matching waist coat.

Next up is this "corporate zombie" - this package arrived when I had been working 10 hour days, so I was feeling a little bit like a corporate zombie myself.

I have also sent Vany a book called "Zombie Felties"  - this is the second time someone has made this guy for me, but I don't care as they are both awesome.

Vany also put her own twist on the zombie felties thing and made me a wee zombie warrior feltie!
She also sent me the cutest squid brooch EVER! I saw one of these guys on Vany's facebook page, I think she has made it for someone for a swap. I told her how much I loved it and she made me one too - yah!
 I also received a whole bunch of craft supplies - including some of these melty bead things - I'm not sure what they are called, but you may remember that Vany made me some skeletons with them.
She also sent me a HELLO KITTY VERSION *Squee* I can't wait to make some of these, it is on my "to do" list for this weekend.

I also got this cute paper and a roll of ribbon - I'm sure I'll find something to do with these soon. I especially love the ribbon.
Sorry - this photo isn't the best! Vany also sent me a whole lot of super cute kawaii stickers.
Here's a few other extra's Vany also sent with the package - a couple of cute key rings and a nifty wee tin.

The other package I received recently was from Olivia at Wait Until the Sunset, some of you may remember the shoe clips I sent to Olivia a while ago. Well she recently sent me a wee package to say that you for the package, isn't she sweet?

First of all these very cute heart topped pins - the are nice big pins too, great for pinning bigger pieces of fabric together.
She also sent me this set of mini postcards - which are great for sending with swap packages and the like. I often find myself short of a note card (I go through a lot!) but this set has 52 cards so it should keep me going for a while.
Finally - my favourite thing in the whole package - a zombie Hello Kitty necklace!! Two of my most favourite things together. She knows me so well!
Thanks to both Vany and Olivia for such AWESOME packages - I love them both so much xoxox


Unknown said...

Oh yay for delightful Parcels of Joy!!! Your friends obviously know you very well - what a splendid bunch of treasures... I especially love all of the little crocheted goodies! Sarah xxx

Julia said...

Look at all those goodies!
I love the wee dolls, they're adorable

Wait Until The Sunset said...