Saturday, June 30, 2012

The happiest country in the World - Part 2 - The Secret Garden and Mele Cascades

One day during our stay at Hideaway Island, we decided it was time to explore the general area in which we were staying. First up we decided to visit "Secret Garden" which was within walking distance of where we were dropped off by our ferry.

Along the way we spotted a kava factory - this is why I prefer walking to getting a taxi (or in the case of Vanuatu a "bus" - which is really a van) because you get to see so much more!
These guys greeted us at the gates of Secret Garden - there's a lot of them all over Port Vila. There was a "mini" zoo at the Secret Garden and we were allowed to hold some of the animals - first up was the Iguana.

Next was the snake - this guy was old and pretty sleepy and most importantly not poisonous!

They had a lot of interesting information at the gardens about the history and culture of Vanuatu - although some of the myths and legends were a little unusual.

Finally - whilst at the Secret Garden we decided we had to be typical cheesy tourists and do this....

After spending a few hours at Secret Garden we decided to move on to our next destination "Mele Cascades" or "Mele Waterfalls". Here's a few of the sights on the way to the main waterfall - I love the beautiful flowers.
When we reached the base of the Mele Cascades this was the view - not too bad at all.
There was a number of ropes to help you climb to the summit of the waterfall - originally I wasn't so keen on going up there. But Rich told me I had too and I'm glad I did - it actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
I hope you're all having a lovely weekend - its cold, wet and generally miserable here in Wellington - makes me wish I was back in Vanuatu!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

wow those falls look beautiful. It looks like paradise, love the tourist shots!! It must of been a bummer flying back to freezing temps. xx

Vix said...

That looks like paradise, it real does. I had to call Jon in to admire your pictures. With the total absence of any British summer here we're living vicariously through you.x

Curtise said...

It looks so beautiful. Those waterfalls are fabulous. xxx

alicia said...

the devil with fire in his bottom!!!

i also love you and rich as native vanuatuians! <3

Unknown said...

You look great in that grass skirt!

Sarah xxx

Krista said...

Wow these are beautiful and hilariously funny pictures. I love the lizard and the hike to the waterfalls looks incredible, you walked on fire what's a little hill with water coming down :) I wish I was in Vanuatu now too!