Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Flamboyant Leggings or Socks

It's now official - winter is here. Usually it doesn't bother me too much, but today I was feeling rather bleh about the whole thing, when I left work at about five it felt more like eight-thirty as it was so dark already - winter I hate you! But on the upside I do live in a house with central heating and I only live 10 minutes from my work, less than 5 minutes from my gym and maybe 10 minutes from the supermarket - so I don't really need to walk to far over all of winter if I don't feel like it - I guess that's the joy of urban living.

Today's Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge was flamboyant tights or socks and given the bleak weather conditions I chose the socks - its not the kind of weather in which you want your ankles exposed!

I ended up wearing mostly black today, which isn't like me at all! Perhaps a reflection of my mood due to the weather.

I bought this shirt dress YEARS ago from a local chain store called Pagani, it was one of my favourite stores for years - but now it seems to be much more hit and miss. Sometimes I go in and I don't see a single thing I like. Mind you, I rarely buy new clothes these days anyway so I guess it doesn't matter too much - for me it's op-shopped, vintage and handmade.

I have actually altered this dress ever so slightly - my Mum bought back these wee skully fellows for me on one of her trips to Australia and I attached them to the frock. I really do love these guys - I like to think he's on a date with a fancy skully lady!

I had to wear my boots today as the weather was so appalling, which means I didn't get to share the full joy of the stripey cherry socks with the world! Oh well - there will be other times...

I bought this wee scarf from one of the Asian import stores in the Left Bank Arcade on Cuba Street - I really do love a good scarf and with it being winter, I do seem to wear them more than necklaces. I guess that add an extra bit of warmth and every little bit counts!

Rich said I should have a photo with his football. Fun fact - Rich is crazy for football (or perhaps in your part of the world you call it soccer). I know, there is that myth that every Kiwi male had been playing rugby since before they could walk - but its not true! Rich loves his football - he plays and watches football and currently is sporting three stitches and a black eye to show how much he loves playing.

Well its time for me to say goodbye - I'm off to work on an embroidery project and cheer myself up by watching "Shaun of the Dead". 


Boots - Dr Martins, bought in Seoul
Socks - Calico Jacks, Cuba Street, Wellington
Tights - Farmers or Glassons - I don't remember which!
Dress - Pagani - embellished by me
Cardi - Glassons
Scarf - Asian import store in Left Bank Arcade, Cuba Street.


Meghan Edge said...

I adore that dress! Love it! I remember in high school when shirt dresses with the goth patches were like, all the rage, and I could never find one (large chest=no buttons). I think yours is the best because it's DIY!

And those boots! Well, you already know how I feel about those boots.

cb said...

i am a huge fan of fun knee high socks and they are perfect with boots!

oh my poor rich! i am sure he feels like a tough guy though with his new shiner! i hope it heals fast!

Julia said...

They are such cute socks!

I love the wee skull patches, they're very you <3

Scott doesn't like rugby or soccer - and he grew up in England so he really doesn't comform to the norm!

Penny-Rose said...

Cool outfit, I love the skulls. Thanks for the tip about Calico Jacks, I have checked out their website and when I come to Wgtn I will be sure to visit.