Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Red

Hello Folks! Another very short post from me I'm afraid - I have had a terribly busy week with very little time for blogging - I hope I'll have some time to catch up on my blog reading over the weekend.
This weeks wardrobe challenge was "red" which wasn't too hard for me as its one of my favourite colours.

I picked this wee 80's frock up from a local op shop for next to nothing and I love it! Also a great frock for winter as it's pretty warm.

Sorry there's only one photo - I almost forgot to take one at all! Rich usually takes an outfit photo for me before we leave work on Wednesdays. But at the moment he's starting work early on Wednesday so he can leave work early to attend his lecture. I really need to get myself a tripod so I can take photos myself - any suggestions.

Also thanks to Camelia Crinoline for suggesting that I add making macaroons to my "35 before 35 list" such an excellent suggestion, it's already on the list! I've even found a one day baking course at Wellington High School to teach people how to bake them.

The other suggestion I had was from Olivia at Wait Until the Sunset who suggested that I go and visit her - I think I can do that - It's been a long time since I visited Brisbane.

I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday already! This week has really flown by! I hope you're all having a super week.

Outfit Deets:

Tights & Belt - Glassons
Bracelet - Equipt
Dress - Op-shopped, Opportunity for Animals, Kilbirnie
Necklace - Belonged to a Great Aunt that passed away


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I likey like that frock on you....great pattern. And the red belt too. Hope you're feeling much better this week. Xx

Vix said...

That dress is absolutely stunning on you! Hope you're feeling better now. x

cb said...

you look great! red would have been easy for me too! how fun that you are going to take a macaroon cooking class! when are you going to do that?

Helga said...

Here's to fab suggestions!
That IS a funky frock!
Business is right! And I have no idea WHAT is making me so busy anyways...hahaha!Can't believe it's just about April.Bloody HELL!
Hope you're feeling brighter,sweets!

Camelia Crinoline said...

Great dress. I love the grey and red colour combination. I bought a fold up tripod off trademe for about $15 and I use it all the time. I'm looking forward to hearing about your macaron baking course. I've tried making them quite a few times and they always taste yummy but never look quite as good as the ones at the bakery.

Curtise said...

That dress look so good on you. Red really does suit you.
Show us the macaroons when you've made some! xxx

Unknown said...

Yay - gorgeous frock! Suggestions re tripod - get the lightest one you can afford... you'll be dragging that sucker around the countryside in no time... you think you won't but you WILL!

Sarah xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great frock - it really suits you and looks great with your glasses. Fab outfit x

Stacey said...

I love red too! You look amazing in this dress. I love your wardrobe challenge days.

Stacey said...

P.S. If you do go to Brisbane, let me know! I'd love to come down & meet you too!