Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creepy Cute Swap

I recently have been finding it hard to get inspired to do "crafty" things, so I have decided that it was time to get back into craft swaps on craftster.

I am just in the process on completing a "creepy cute" swap - I've received from my partner and here are the goodies I got below.

First up is these cute zombie and vampire cross-stitch magnets - too cute!
I received this wee hand painted coffin - it looks much better in real life - I didn't really capture it terribly well with this photo.
What's inside? A whole bunch of creepy cute dolls to add to my extensive collection.

My partner also made me this cross-stitch - I couldn't get a decent photo of the buttons but they are extremely cool with little brains and zombie ponies!
Finally, I received this cute little day of the dead style card.
My partner is yet to receive her package from me, I sent it in two parts with the second part just being sent today. I will hold off posting the picture of what I made until my partner receives her whole package.

For those of you that asked when I'll be macaroons - well I found that they are having a one evening course at Wellington High School on 16 May so I think I'll sign up for that and see how things go.

My 35 before 35 list now has a total of 27 tasks - so if anyone else has any ideas I can include just let me know.

I also have just sorted out some exciting travel plans for June, I'll tell you all more about them very soon.

Hope you're all having a super weekend xoxox


Julia said...

They're all gorgeous! But I'm in love with the vampire - he's very cool.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great parcel , what a cool idea. I love those little fridge magnets.

I wish I'd done a 35 before 35 - I'm 35 now, but don't have a full year to do 36 before 36. How long are you allowing yourself? I guess I could do 40 before 40 (Sob, cry etc)

Krista said...

You participate in the coolest swaps, I love this! I love the coffin filled with creepy plushies best! I also wanted to say thanks for all the sweet comments you leave me :) your a doll!

cb said...

the little dolls are so amazing! one of them looks like the priest from beetle juice, so cool!

Vix said...

What crazy things! I love the cross stitch zombies and all the felt creepies in the coffin. x

alicia said...

what a cute swap! i love the little magnets!