Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Clothes Swap Post - Number one

I have attended two clothes swaps recently, one arranged by the Wellington Pink Ladies and one I held at my apartment last weekend.

I decided I'd do two posts in regard to the clothes swap goodies I received, this first post is for the Pink Ladies clothes swap.

I actually didn't get many clothes from this swap, in the clothes department I only managed to pick up a blazer and a shirt. I haven't posted pictures of them because they are the kind of boring "office" clothes I tend to wear when doing presentations or external meetings. I really do not like spending money on this type of thing - so I always love it when I can pick them up a swaps. But they aren't exactly the most interesting thing so I haven't posted any pictures of them here (plus I still need to take the blazer to be dry cleaned).

But I did pick up a lot of amazing accessories - so I was pretty pleased with myself. I didn't feel as if I was going away empty handed that's for sure!
Firstly two belts, the brown one will be useful. I'm not so sure about the silver and blue one - but you never know what outfit it might work with - some kind of silver space girl dress perhapsAnimal print satin scarf and two bottles of nail polish - which are like new! I'm not so sure about the yellow, but I will try it out and if I don't like it I can always give it to someone else. Three necklaces, I think they are all pretty cute. I was kind of glad to pick up two shorter necklaces too as a lot of mine are long pendant style.
I love crazy chunky rings and I still can't believe I managed to pick up so many at a single clothes swap party! I think my favourite is the red one, but they are all so rad. I know a lot of people out there are already enjoying spring, but down here in New Zealand winter is on it's way! So I was pretty pleased when I picked up this pretty blue winter scarf.

Finally - I saved the best for last - SPARKLY LEGWARMERS!!
Pretty exciting right? I feel like I need to attend some kind of roller disco to show these babies off to the world (there was actually one last week, but I felt too sick to go along). They even have sparkly buttons down the side - how fun is that! I used to have a pair of legwarmers when I lived in Korea but I kind of wore them out and I couldn't justify bringing partly destroyed legwarmers home to NZ. But I think I will be rocking these over the weekends this winter!


What Sadie Did said...

You all had some seriously cool swappings!! I am jealous of the birdy ring! and your nail polishes too!! WHAT!?!? Bummed i missed it.

Sadie xx

Stacey said...

You got heaps of cool accessories! I am in love with the sparkly leg warmers - those buttons!

weberamanda said...

adorable! I love the red ring, and those legwarmers are too freakin cute! :]

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'd love to go to one of those parties! I love the rings you got and those leg warmers are so cute. x

Vix said...

What great choices! Those rings are fabulous and I adore those lurex leg warmers. I may be the first day of Spring here but it's flipping freezing! x

Meghan Edge said...

I've always wanted to attend a clothes swap but none of my friends are even remotely my size! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace with the purple and green stones.

cb said...

so many treasures! i love the purple crystal necklace you got! i have been looking for the right one! your a lucky girl!

Krista said...

Ah your leg warmers and the rings I am loving those! That sounds like a blast!!!! The silver and blue belt is cool you might surprise yourself by how much you wear it:)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Great swapsies, I love these parties and haven't been to one for ages! You could use the nail polishes to do a two-tone design - it'll be cool, honest!

Unknown said...

LEG WARMERS!!!! Love them! Sarah xxx