Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Stripes

Phew! February has been a heck of a month for me, work wise and personally and whilst its been fun at times I am glad it's now March and I (hopefully) can chill out a bit.

Today's wardrobe challenge was stripes and I decided to crack out the trusty old black and red tights.

Another Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - another reason to show off accessories made by my fabulous crafty friends.

I am so tired right now! Bring on the weekend!!


Boots - Bought in Seoul
Dress - Pagani
Shirt - Glassons
Necklace- Made by Meg
Bracelet - Made by Vany


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Cute outfit! I'm a wee bit jealous of your collection of tights. We don't get much variety here in Queensland! Xx

Unknown said...

Oh man, I completely forgot about stripes Wednesday AND I've been in my STRIPY jarmies all day!

You are super cute, as ever - I love that fabulous skull bracelet!

Sarah xxxs

Meghan Edge said...

I love this outfit on you! You look so awesome in black and red. The boots! The tights! So cute.

Curtise said...

Black and red - can't go wrong!
I love your skull and crossbones cameo, that idea is genius! xxx

Vix said...

Love that dress on you and want that insane pendant and bracelet! x

cb said...

i know you had a very busy feburary! i hope you are able to chill out this month!

i love your outfit and the layering! the skull bead bracelet is super cute! you always have such fun accessories!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love your stripey tights. That skull cameo necklace is amazing. I hope you get to have a nice relaxing weekend.

Krista said...

Your taste in jewelry is bad ass! I also love the socks and lil puff sleeves. ADORABLE!

alicia said...

i love your cute little blouse! i hope you can relax this weekend! <3

his_girl_friday said...

Cute dress!

Penny-Rose said...

Cool outfit, I particularly like the red and black combination. The skull bracelet is off the scale amazing. My 10yo daughter would want one. Immediately. I think I might see if I can do it...thanks for the inspiration!