Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe Challenge - Pink

This weeks wardrobe challenge was pink! I actually have a few pink frocks, but I decided seen as the challenge was pink I would go all ladylike and this is by far my most ladylike pink dress.
Close up of the fabric of the dress -isn't it pretty - kind of like some fancy garden.

Some detailed photos - I wore my favourite shoes again! How could I resist, they are both pink and ladylike.


Shoes - Retro Room, Willis Street, Wellington
Tights - Farmers
Cardy - Glassons
Brooch - Gift from my boss
"Pearls" - Equipt


Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

I love those shoes! They remind me of a pair I've had on my wishlist for about two years now. Jealous :)
That dress is such a pretty print!

alicia said...

pink is my FAVOURITE. what size are those shoes again... ;D

Magical Daydream said...

Love the cute shoes!



Vix said...

You look so pretty in pink! It's not a colour I'd normally associate with you, being a bit of an indie chick but it looks gorgeous and those huge pearls are fab. xxx

cb said...

you look so proper in your floral and pink! i love how delicate you look! pink would be hard but i do have a few things in my closet just not a color that i gravitate towards.

Trees said...

@ Cosmia - Seriously, aren't these shoe fab! The best part is they only cost $10 at a vintage store!!!

@ Alicia - If I didn't own these shoes, I'd try to steal them!

@ Magical daydreams - Thanks for your lovely comment:D

@ Vix - That's lovely, I have 3 pink frocks but I am not hugely into pink and under normal circumstances I wouldn't think of going all out pink like this. But I actually kind of like it.

@Cb - I know, its not my normal look. But it was kind of fun being "pretty in pink" for a day:D