Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bolton Street Cemetery Walk

A couple of weekends ago Rich and took a guided tour of the Bolton Street Cemetery, which is the burial ground of many of the original residents of Wellington city. It's been closed for many years (since the 1960's) and a motorway has been built through the middle of the cemetery (they had to move a whole bunch of graves and there is a mass burial plot for those that had to be moved) and it is an incredibly interesting place for a history geek like me.

The oldest house in Wellington is also in the park - it's now used as a residency for artists. I think its actually the oldest surviving house in Wellington, there were a couple of fairly major earthquakes in the city in the late 1800's in which I am sure lots of buildings were destroyed.


Vix said...

I have a thing for graveyards, I love visiting them and reading the headstones. I'd love to visit this one.
How sad to have a motorway running through it. x

Cosmia, Inflammatory Knit said...

What a beautiful place. That house is amazing too. Lucky artists.

alicia said...

i love old cemeteries! nz has a lot of pretty, historical sites for such a small place! <3

cb said...

it looks perfect! i love old cemeteries. a place i would love to visit when i make it over to nz!

Helga said...

I love graveyards too! My fave is in Waverley,in Sydney!
I had no idea about the Bolton St one,nor about the oldest house!I'll have to check it out whenever I get up there next! Next year we go to the States,and I'll get to see some Louisiana graveyards!Gagging for it!
O,I can't get over how GORGEOUSLY AMAZING zombie Tress and Rich are!!! SQUEE!

Trees said...

@ Vix - I really like visiting graveyards too, perhaps the sign of a history geek. It is heartbreaking there is a motorway running through it, I wasn't even born when this happened but when I learnt about it I felt pretty sad.

@ Cosmia - I know! Imagine getting to live in the sweet little house.

@ Alicia - The history of NZ is pretty interesting, come on over and I'll teach you more;)

@ Cb - Come and stay at my house and I'll take you to Bolton Street Cemetery and all kinds of cool places xoxox

@ Helga - Louisiana Graveyards! Amazing! I would love to travel to the deep South of the USA, I do have a good friend in Florida....hummm....my USA trip fell through this year as I need to go to Thailand for my cousins wedding. Maybe 2012 will be the year:)