Thursday, November 24, 2011

Swish Dish

Recently I bought a couple of vouchers from a one day deal website for a place in Upper Hutt called Swish Dish. I've always wanted to go there and try it out but I never seemed to make it there.

Swish Dish is one of those places where you can choose some kind of ceramic and paint it up all pretty, you leave it and the store and they fire it and when you come back in a couple of weeks time its ready to use.

Here's the completed creations - Rich painted a "Blokes Mug" which is going to fit a whole lot of tea once its been fired. I chose the cupcake trinket box - I felt a little like I cheated as I didn't have to put too much thought into the design.

After grabbing some sushi for lunch - we walked along the Hutt River for a bit, you can't see it in these photos but it was a SUPER windy day!!


Kc said...

Cool that looks really fun at Swish Dish!! :) It's so windy here lately too :( Kinda glad I don't really have to leave the house during the day hehe!


Vix said...

You and Rich are always up to interesting things. Love the pottery. x

alicia said...

i LOVE paint your own pottery places! we have two different ones here and i've been needling bear to go for a year! maybe i'll show him how much fun you and rich had and he'll be jealous!


What Sadie Did said...

I'd love to do that too - it looks so much fun. Your cupcake is so sweet :)

Sadie x

Wait Until The Sunset said...

oohhh I haven't seen one of these places in years! They are so rad! :)

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset