Saturday, November 19, 2011

Greatest Halloween Ever

This post is a little late, but as the saying goes, better late than never! Some of you will remember from a while back the swap I was doing with my amazing friend Vany leading up to Halloween.

Well on about the 9th day I received a card from Vany telling me that the last few days of the swap were all related - so I could choose either to wait and open everything on the very last day or I could keep opening day by day.

On the last days leading up to the swap I was opening packaged of bloodied dolls clothes and tiny accessories - then on the last day I found myself face to face with a couple that seemed so familiar....
It's zombie Trees & zombie Rich!! It's so amazing!! The dolls are beautifully made, I love them so much.

Here's a few details of zombie Trees
Close up of her face - she even has hair extensions like me!
A bit of brain hanging out the back...
Close up of her bloodied rib cage.
Cute ballerina flats are an absolute must for the zombie about town!

Next up - a few details of zombie Rich.
He has a bit of a sore eye, not sure why?
He's wearing a robot t-shirt and the real Rich loves robots.
The real Rich likes to sketch, so zombie Rich has a bloodied notebook and some tiny pencils.

Finally - the real Rich loves his converse sneakers and so does zombie Rich.


Meghan Edge said...

Oh how awesome! And they are poppets! So jealous- I've always wanted a poppet, but I've never really figured out the pattern. She did a great job on them.

alicia said...

WHAT! so amazing!!! i want zombie fox and bear! the little skull shoes!!! LOVE!!!


Vix said...

Words fail me! That's one talented friend. x

cb said...

that is so amazing!!! she should totally sell these! my sister in law would totally LOVE to have a zombie toy that looks like her! wow you are so lucky! what a great gift!

Wait Until The Sunset said...!!!
OMG I want one so bad! Does she sell them anywhere???

Olivia :) x
Wait Until The Sunset

noone said...

these dolls are creepy but so cute and cool at the same time! love them!

dunia kecil indi said...

omg, they're just too scary.. but in the cool way :) nice blog, thanks for share :))

Trees said...

@ Meg - I've always thought poppets were cool too! But something way beyond my sewing skills. Now I have pretty much the greatest poppets in the world!

@ Alicia - I am sure loads of people would want to see themselves in zombie form! I love how she captured our personal style so well, right down to the ballerina flats and converse sneakers!

@Vix - Vany is pretty much the most bad arse crafter in the world!

@Cb - I know she could TOTALLY sell these, I know people would pay big money for them (ok I would pay a lot of money for them!)

@Olivia - To the best of my knowledge Vany just crafts for friends, family & fun:D But who knows, maybe she would be willing to make you one, let me know if you want me to pass on your details to her.

@ Pop Champagne - Aren't these little guys the perfect marriage of creepy & cute:)

dunia kecil indi - Thanks so much for the comment:D