Sunday, January 02, 2011

On tiny stuffie swap

Recently, I took part in a "one tiny stuffie" swap on craftster - it's a pretty easy swap really.

Unfortunatly my partner still hasn't recieved her package which is a little bit of a worry. But fingers crossed it turns up soon - I am hoping its just all the poor weather in the US this year has slowed it down and its not been lost in the post.

Here's what I recieved in the swap, a cute zombie like bat/cat creature. My partner even sent me a pattern in case I want to make more of these little guys.

His wings have wire in them so they can either be open or closed - I like that a lot. He makes a great addition to my collection of creepy cute creatures.

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Alexz said...

That is so cute! What is your craftster username? I think I asked you that before. lol. I think the post is just super slow. I have been waiting on a package from Spain for quite some time now, and it is still not here. Hopefully it is just because of the holidays and stuff!