Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wellington Summer Festival - X-Ray Katz

During the summer in Wellington there are so many free things to do - its pretty awesome. One of my favourite things are the free music performances in the Wellington Botanical Gardens.

A band will play for free in the evening and everyone will head along with their picnic rugs, snacks and wine and enjoy the show.

Last Saturday we went along to our first free summer show, we saw a band called the "X-Ray Katz" who played a whole bunch of old style rock and roll and rockabilly tracks. The even had the quiffs and the shirts to show their rockabilly spirit which was pretty cool.

There were a lot of the people at the show - including a whole bunch of people at the front showing off their rock and roll dancing skills.

After the show - Rich and I went to check out the lights in the gardens, which didn't seem as impressive as other years. We still aren't sure if this is because we missed some of the lights, they aren't all up or after living in the neon of asia for over a year lights need to be really huge to impress us now. Maybe they would have looked better if it was darker.

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