Sunday, January 02, 2011

First week in Wellington

For our first week in Wellington, we stayed at a backpackers and then with our friends Nilanka and Paul in Lyall Bay. The first week was good - it involved both Rich and I meeting new workmates and picking up our work contracts. We have been very lucky or perhaps we were just destined to return home now as I got a job before I left Taiwan and Rich got a job within two weeks of being home.

Other than meeting new workmates we didn't have a lot to do apart from getting to know our old city again.

We visited the Frank Kitts markets which began whilst we were away - these markets are pretty awesome. Unfortunately our purchases were limited to cupcakes, but when I start working I will be going back again for sure. I really loved the decorate your own cupcake table - I want to do that sometime soon.

One of the things I've missed about Wellington is the general quirky-ness of the city. I found an example of this at the bus stop where we were staying at Lyall Bay.

I think this mini library was set up by some people involved in book crossing (although that's just a guess). It nice to have a glossy magazine to flick through whilst you wait for your bus and the angel was a nice touch for Christmas.

Also whilst I was overseas I did really miss Wellington's coastline - it makes everything seem fresh. I don't think it ever really gets too hot or humid in Wellington.

Rich and I went for a walk along the coast and Lyall Bay and met our friend the Wellington wind again. It was a mighty windy day. We also found an Easter Island head that was a gift from Chile to New Zealand.

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