Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year...New You

A crafty blogger I follow, Janel at Run with Scissors had previously run an online journalling course and when I found out she was running another course I decided I really wanted to do it. But I was a little short on cash, seen as I was just returning to New Zealand from asia, but Rich kindly bought me a place in the course for Christmas.
The "theme" of the course is "New Year....New You" - I'm not going to post all of my journal entries today as I haven't taken photos of them all yet! But here is the first few.

This is day one, my introduction page, which I wasn't that happy with to be honest. I haven't done too many paper crafts before (part of the reason for doing this course) so it's been taking a while to get the hang of things. The challenge for this page was to use something you wouldn't normally think of using in a journal. The black flower is actually a black iron on transfer that I recieved in a swap literally years ago which I never got around to using.

This is my second day's page - you needed to record your journalling goals. The challenge was to use a reoccuring theme. Again I wasn't too happy with this page. The reoccuring theme is the rabbits on the paper - but I don't think it really works.


I was a whole lot happier with this page! This time the prompt was to record your New Years resolutions for 2011. Mine are:

1. Write more letters and thank you cards.

2. Travel to the West Coast of the USA (In particular San Fran, Portland and Seattle & hopefully head to Canada as well).

3. Complete 50 craft projects in 2011 (project number one is completed)

4. Make some of my own clothes - learn to sew.

The challenge for this day was to use a "cut out" theme - I didn't have a stanly knife (or exacto knife as my America friends say) so I had to keep with a basic shape I could cut cleanly with scissors. So I chose a heart. It came out pretty well.

The prompt for day four was "In 2011,____________ will not be defined by......". For my page I chose "negative thoughts".

The challenge for this page was to use some fiber in the page - I chose a ribbon that came off one of my Christmas presents.

I need to take more photos of the other pages I have completed - so I will be back with these pages soon.


Natasha said...

Love your journal pages, so much texture!!

Macska said...

Awesome! :-) (And I feel special now I know I'm gonna help a bit with resolution number 4, haha!)

Trees said...

Yah! Can't wait for your sewing workshops:)