Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Birthday Partay!

For my birthday I decided that I wanted to have a "Gothic Tea Party" this year - basically I wanted to have a tea party with a Gothic/horror theme.

When you entered the house for the party you encountered in the hall way Rich's master piece of installation art which included my zombie doll and the TV with strange inverted images when you walked past - oh and a tree with lots of cobwebs and a spider...creepy;)

The food at the party was also creepy as you can see from the photos - Rich and I made some zombie cookies and cupcakes. But mum also helped out with ALL sorts of food! I also had help from Fiona who made some cupcakes and Ange who made an awesome vampire cake.
Strangely enough with all these sweets around sandwiches were the winners on the day, people couldn't get enough of them.

Now for the photo's of the guests - admittedly some people made more of an effort with their costumes than others but I guess it is a big ask to get grown adults to dress up in horror theme in the middle of the day!

Later on when the guests had all left - Rich and I taking crazy spooky photo's with the inverted images on the TV.

Lastly a look at Rich's zombie brains - which are a combination of icing and rolled oats - so completely edible!

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