Friday, July 04, 2008

Meet my victims....

So a few blogs back I was talking about "modifying" a my little pony into something a bit more, well, interesting (well interesting to me anyways - these things are just a bit too damn sweet for their own good!). So after a bit of searching on my good friend Trade Me I found a bit of a bargain and was able to purchase four ponies for a whole $10. Little does their former owner know what I have in mind for them muhahaha! (In fact, I expect she thought they were being bought for a child as she included a lollypop in the package she sent me)

Here's a bit of a close up of each pony - I am trying to decide which pony is to face the wrath of my art first. I think it will be "Bluey" at this stage. Whist I am sure each of these ponies already has a lovely pony-esque name like "butterfly sparkles" or "cupcake flutters" I am choosing to call them Bluely, Pinky, Yellow-esque and Peachy.

It's nearly time to introduce these sickly sweet creatures to the dark side of life.

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