Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stage 1 - Customising Pony

So here are the first stages of my first ever pony modification - "Bluey" was chosen as my victim for the modification.

Firstly, like killing a zombie, I had to remove the head from the body.

Then I removed the tail and the mane, tail was easy to remove, but the mane was more difficult - in the end I had to resort to using a pair of pliers to pull it all out.
Next step - washing Bluey with lots of soap and water to remove any marks and child germs.
Next, I had to remove the "bows" butt tattoo from Bluey, also, those sickly cute freckles on the cheeks. I did this by using lots of nail polish remover.
Next step, new tattoos for Bluely - I chose a skull of course. I bought Bluey's next tattoo from the $2 shop in a packet of "pirate tattoos".
Final step for this stage was to sort out Bluey's eye make up a bit - as it was a bit too nicely nice. It was pretty hard painting on some new eye make up but I finally managed to arrive at a look that was a bit like a cross between Amy Winehouse and Robert Smith.

So this is where Bluely's customisation stops for now, I need to buy some hair for Bluely which I have to order from the States so it could take a while to arrive.

Next time you see Bluely though, she will have dark blue locks rather than those pretty awful fluro pink locks she was born with.

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