Thursday, July 03, 2008


I remember when I was a kid, whenever we would go away on holiday or to New Plymouth or Hawera for the day we would go out for lunch. It was the 80's so all the cafe we would go to would be those places where you pick up a brown tray at the start of the line and then make your way down the line past the cabinets picking out whatever sandwich, pie, cake that you wanted. Whenever this happened I would always want more cake than a small girl could possibly eat and my mum would always respond "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach". It turns out she was kind of right in a way - but my eyes aren't too big for my stomach - they are too big for my eye sockets.

I went to the optometrist early this week for my yearly check up, as a lot of people know already, I am pretty short sighted (I love the person who invented contact lenses!). The optometrist told me that as I am so short sighted (which is caused by your eyes being too short for their sockets) she wants me to come back in for a special appointment.

You see the eyes are now so stretched in their sockets - they could literally tear! OH TASTY! If they tear I will need special lazer surgery to fix them - who even knew that your eyeball could literally rip apart in their sockets because they are too small!!

So in August I have to go in for my special "make sure my eyes aren't ripping apart in their sockets" appointment.

Sometimes I really think I should get a refund for all the small "issues" with my body!

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