Monday, January 14, 2013

Summer in Wellington

There are many reasons we choose to live in Wellington - but generally speaking the weather isn't one of them.

It's summer right now and whilst its not cold,  it is rainy and windy and not generally the kind of weather that makes you want to go out for a walk after dinner.

However, two weeks ago we had the most exceptional weather. Rich and I went for a walk in the early evening and ended up buying a few things from the supermarket and having a picnic dinner on the waterfront at 8pm.

These photographs were taken after we had our dinner - about 8:30 at night - hard to believe!

I decided to take these photos to remind myself in the deepest, darkest days of winter that its not all doom and gloom. The sunshine will return to us eventually! Besides if the weather was THIS fabulous all of the time we would start to take it for granted - rather than truly appreciated it.

Also if it was this good ALL the time - then EVERYONE would want to live here and we can't have that!

Hope you're all having a rad Monday xoxox


two squirrels said...

Oh the waterfront is amazing and perfect for a picnic tea in the fading light, just beautiful.
Yay to Wellington.
Love V

Nikki said...

It certainly isn't like it today. We've been in cloud for the past couple of days! But you certainly can't beat Wellington on a good day! :-)

Unknown said...

How lovely - it looks so still and serene! Sarah xxx

Unknown said...

Got so envious, just about to go out to freeze my butt ><
my instagram name is @rocketraptor :)
xxx, Lara

cb said...

summer in wellington sounds like summer in sf except not as rainy. It may get super foggy it feels and looks like rain! Xo

Curtise said...

Always love to see photos of your amazing waterfront. The light on the water is beautiful. xxx

Anonymous said...

You're photos are amazing, and are making me so jealous, especially since it's snowing right now as I type

Meghan Edge said...

Those photos are so gorgeous!! You're right, if the weather was that nice all the time I would want to live there. ;-)

Monsterchen said...

wow it seems a perfect day!
good that you took those pictures, i also do that to remind me on bad days that there is a light on the end of the tunnel;)
and also if it would be that good all the time we could´t appreciate it right?

Stacey said...

Wow, everything looks gorgeous in that light! I thought the sun was setting late in Clermont (around 7/7:30pm), but you guys beat us by a mile!

Sabrina said...

Looks gorgeous! There's a really bad cold/snow spell going on where I am, so I wish I was somewhere near a serene harbour!


Helga said...

I do love a late evening in Summer!
Wellington isn't known for it's great weather, is it?! It's the situation of the city, I believe.
I am amazed at what a great Summer we've been having down here! The best for a few years, that's for sure. Too hot some days! Ah well, it's something we can't control.


alicia said...

everyone already wants to live in wellington - i know i do! <3