Saturday, July 05, 2008

@#$%* It's cold!!

When it comes to weather - I have a pretty low tolerance to the cold, basically, I don't like the cold I don't like it at all!!

When I first came to Wellington I had a definite dose of the weather blues as I moved in June when the weather was fairly cold (when I started my job a week later everyone at the office said how cold it was which made me feel a bit better - if Wellingtonian's also felt it was cold it must have been ESPECIALLY cold).

I have become more used to the weather here in the last three years, I can even accept the wind a bit more now - most days.

But I have to say today was one of the coldest days I have experienced since I have lived here - possibly one of the coldest days of my life!!

I think I knew it was a bit too cold for me when I walked to the dairy and I got hit with the hail - yes hail! The I saw the Rimitaka's later on this afternoon - they were the whitest I have ever seen them.

Later on I looked at , which isn't the greatest source of news I admit but I think I can believe every word it says when it tells me that it will be a "weekend of gales, snow and rain".

Maybe it will actually snow! At least that would be kind of exciting, it would almost make all this hovering about the heater seem worthwhile.

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