Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's such a beautiful day here!!

The sun is shining - which is fantastic! Maybe Rich and I can go for a walk prior to checking out the open homes.

Although I have to say I'm still not 100% - I just seem to get exhaused so easily - which really sucks - I'm not doing half the stuff I normally do as I am so tired all the time.

I didn't even manage to stay up late enough to finish watching the DVD last night as I just got so tired/started feeling sick again and started feeling really cold. I'm seriously getting frustrated with feeling tired all the time - I'm used to doing lots of stuff but at the moment I feel like I can hardly do anything - it's frustrating beyond belief!!

If I'm not better in the next week I guess I will have to go to the Doctor and see if he can work out if anything else is wrong with me over and above a sinus infection...this sucks so much:(

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