Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm feeling so much better

I've been feeling terrible for over a week - but I woke up this morning feeling SO MUCH better - In fact I'm almost feeling my normal self despite a horrible morning during the course of which my walkman wouldn't work (the reasons why it won't work are still a mystery) and the strap of my bag broke when I was walking to the office!

Work is SO busy at the moment too - for the first time ever I bought work home - but I have resolved not to do it now I've actually got it at home. When I got home I reclaimed my sanity and realised that if I start doing a bit of work at home it's just the beginning of a slipperly slope and before I know it I will be doing more and more work at home, which is something I just don't want to do.

I think I've got Marth's visit all sorted for Friday - it involves hanging out with my friends, eating out and a play at Bats - I haven't been to Bats forever so it should be wicked and it will be awesome to see Marth again:)

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