Friday, August 18, 2006

I had a wicked Friday:)

Because Marth was here I took a half day today to spend the afternoon with her and she wanted to go shopping so we had a fantastic time having a look around all the shops - which was awesome - I guess because I live in Wellington I tend to go to the same shops all the time but Marth and I went to a whole bunch of shops which I hardly ever go to so it was good to have a good look around and also - of course - a lot of gossip.

I took Marth to check out Triangle and it turns out the Fimo has sold pretty well so that's great news - we are working on a few more fimo masterpieces at the moment so hopefully get some new stuff to Kat soon.

I took Marth to dinner at - Harem - where else? Rich met us there and we had a fantastic meal..mmmm...and more gossip - took a couple of pictures which I will put up tommorrow hopefully:)

Marth said next time I go up Auckland ways I am more than welcome to stay with her family which is awesome - I think I will totally take her up on that offer - she also said next time I'm up we have to go to "Spooked" - it's an old mental institution which has been made into a haunted house - sounds scary as hell - I can hardly wait to go and check it out!

Marth was pretty tired after dinner (she'd already been all the way up to Whangarei this week) so she headed off to her mates place for the night as she has a big one planned tommorrow.

Rich and I decided to go and check out a film and ended up seeing "50 ways of saying Fabulous" - I really liked this film - I want to say it was "cute" - but then it did have some really dark moments - maybe whimsical is a better word? Anyway I thought it was pretty "fabulous" (ha ha - lame I couldn't resist though) so I recommend it to everyone!!

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