Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Just a general yarn

So my second day in my new posse - feels like my workload has increased with my move though!! That's ok - makes the day go quickly but it's a bummer when you realise that you have stayed at work much longer than you are suppose too because you're just so darn busy!!

I've got another big week this week - including a job interview for my own job - it would be so awesome to finally have some job security - so I hope that it all goes well!! Think of me Thursday morning at 10:30...I think if I do get the job I will need to have some celebrations...

Got my first assignment back for my course - the grade wasn't that flash but that's ok - I passed easily and it's the first piece of academic writing I have done in a few years so I can handle the grade...but hopefully my next essay us better...it's coming up fast though - due on the 8th Septemeber. I did quite a bit of study last night and planning to do a bit more tonight as have fallen a but behind with my readings.

Jess and I have been discussing our plans for the horror film night I'm planning at hers in October - should be a fun night but I need to choose some good horror films - SO MANY CHOICES!!

Well best be off....things to do....dinner to eat!

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