Saturday, August 12, 2006


So what have I been up to far this weekend - not too much actually...

I'm feeling mostly better but I still get tired really so I'm not my normal self.

Had a good sleep in this morning and then Rich and I went for a bit of a walk around town - we had lunch at the Tugboat restaurant - which I have to say wasn't the flashest place in the world...the resturant itself is quite cool because it's in an old tugboat (hence the name!) but the food and the service was not fantasic. I got a whitebait fritter but they put capsicum in it - ew!!

Also bought some more fimo to make some more badges...Rich is working on some right now.

Rich also bought some materials to begin his new animation - so that's pretty cool:)

Later on met up with Jess and Ange and her mum for a walk along the waterfront - which was really good as I haven't done much exercise in the past week because I've been sick but now I feel totally exhaused...which is not cool:(

So I think tonight it will be a DVD night for Rich and I - which isn't that exciting for a Saturday night - but I don't feel up to doing much else and Aro video is just down the road and it has about a million DVD's I want to watch!

For those that don't know - Rich and I have decided to buy an apartment/townhouse - so tommorrow we are going to check out a few open homes and see what's on offer, which will be cool. If not scarily grown up.

Well I'm off now - dinner's ready!

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