Sunday, August 27, 2006

Time for my 200th Blog update!

Yes this is my 200th blog update - which seems like a hell of a lot of rambling on about my little world.

Anyhose what have I been up to this weekend? Well yesterday I went with some of the girls to check out the Women's Expo and I have to say it was a little disappointing compared to the other times I have been in Hamilton - too many people trying to sell you stuff you really don't want or need and not enough community groups - so it was a little disappointing but I did enter a lot of competitions so who knows I could win an overseas trip, some lifecoaching or a pamper pack out of it? (Or any one of about a million other competitions I entered).

Went out for lunch with the girls at Arizona and had beans on toast - I know that seems lame but the bread was really nice and the weather was just so cold and miserable I felt like some comfort food so go the beans!

After lunch Jess and I went to check out a Kimono show at the Japanese Embassy - could have been really cool except the lady presenting the show didn't speak english and her translator did seem a bit lost at times but the Kimono's were very beautiful - even if the green tea and Japanese sweets did look a tad suspect.

That evening went for a night out with Jess, Andrew and Ross - continued the Japanese theme by having dinner at Hede (I love that place - it's on of my new favourites!) and then went and saw Breakfast on Pluto at Rialto - a bit long and had some sad moments - but all over it was really interesting.

Today so far Rich and I have had an uber cleaning mission and just went and checked out an apartment just down the road a bit - it was a really cool apartment with a fantastic walk in wardrobe - BUT the building was 1930's styles and it doesn't look like it has had any maintenance in the last 20 or so years - cracks showing (quite literally) and needs a really good waterblast and repaint - I don't know what the bodycorp is doing with it really! Could be a fantastic block if it had been as maintained as well on the outside as the inside....we are going to check out another one along the Terrace at 4.

This afternoon I'm going to get into some serious study - my next assignment is due on the 8th September which is coming up SO QUICKLY!

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Tabitha Dial said...

Wow. A woman's expo and all those cool Japanese-themed things to do. What a great day. And my boyfriend's parents recommended "Breakfast on Pluto" to us. Now I know I'll have to see it if you guys saw it. Take care...