Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Some good news...

Here's some good news we had in the weekend but I forgot to write about!

Rich heard from his friend Stu and he and his partner Ande are coming back to NZ from the UK in December for a visit and also to have their civil union in Cambridge - how exciting!!

The Civil Union is about the 17th Decemeber I think - So we're going to spend a week or so up in Hamilton - go to the civil union - go visiting people in Hamilton and also hopefully make it over to Tauranga to see Rich's parents for a bit - I'd like to go up to Auckland to see people - especially Marth, we have to go to Spookers!

Then we are going to catch a bus to New Plymouth to spend Christmas with my family and finally flying out of New Plymouth to head to sunny Nelson for New Years!!

Phew - it's going to be busy busy busy!! Soon as we have booked the tickets I'm going to let peoples know what we're doing for New Years and hopefully others will want to come down and spend New Years with us:)

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Tabitha Dial said...

Well, my dear! I'd LOVE to come and spend New Year's with you, but I'm afraid I just haven't got the money. ;-)

(We plan to spend it watching fireworks from our balcony. That was just awesome this Fourth of July.)

I'm jealous you get to attend a Civil Union. My best wishes to the couple, and, of course, to all of your loved ones. Hope you'll update me on your brothers some time.

Take Care!