Friday, August 04, 2006

My Week

Well I have been pretty quiet on the blogging front this week for some reason - I think it's because I was busy with my assignment - which I hope to have all finnished tommorrow so that I can post it off on Monday...Phew....but I also have to apply for my job...hopefully will be able to get my CV all tidied up on Sunday.

Well apart from study - what have I done this week - to be honest not a heck of a lot...

I went to the movie about the Pixies on Wednesday night which was really cool - always quite funny watching documentaries about Rock bands and realising that by and large their lives are just like ours - except for slightly more disfunctional...

We went and had a quick dinner with Celia and Simon on Thursday night because they asked us to go to dinner with them pre the Pixies movie but we couldn't make it. Went to the cheap and choice Asian place near New World Metro that I used to always go to with Steven and Corey when they were in NZ.

Speaking of leaving NZ - next week is my friend Carolyn's last week in NZ before she heads off to Perth to live while her Fiance is working on a contract over there - I feel like I'll miss her heaps even though she lives in New Plymouth and I live in Wellington. But it's ok because she's awesome at keeping in touch so I know I'll get heaps of e-mails and hopefully a postcard or two as well.

Well I best be off - Rich and I are going to check out a Japanese horror tonight at the film festival tonight (provided they still have tickets!).

All things going well I shall blog more tommorrow!

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