Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just a quick note...

Well I haven't slept well most of this week and I have been so busy at work - and to top off my already fantastic week which included both my walkman and my bag breaking...this morning my NEW Doc Martins broke - I went to zip them up and the puller on the zip came right off...awesome...(But I did ring Wildpair and they said to bring them in and they will arrange to have them fixed).

But on the of my colleagues is leaving work tommorrow so on Monday I will have his office...finally an office again!! Also when I got home I had new copy of BUST(A very cool Amercian Feminist Mag I subscribe too) and tonight was Dr Who night so life isn't all bad I guess...but man I really do need to go to sleep already.

I am so stoked though..tommorrow Marth is going to be here and I get to have half a day off - wicked:D

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