Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Rich's Exciting News

Rich made a music video for a band called The Greenmatics as part of his course, after the assignment had been marked he finished off the music video and sent it to the band - who loved it!! So now they are going to be using Rich's music video for the promotion of their song!! Check out The Greenmatics website -

Also - last night at Weight Watchers wasn't too bad - I lost 800 grams - not as impressive as other weeks but ok. On the upside it means in the last 3 weeks I have lost 4kgs - which is pretty good:) This week I am back to the gym (it opened yesterday) so I am going to see if I can break the 5kg mark next week.

It's my brother birthday on Friday - I can hardly believe he's going to be 20 - freaks me out a little - I guess it just seems so weird because there is such a big age gap between us I feel old!! Anyways I am off to get him a drinking themed present (The only interest I kne he has is drinking) at lunch time.

Well running late today so better move my but and get ready for work!

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missing said...

Yay Rich! That's gotta be good for the confidence!