Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Sunday

I'm still feeling a bit dodgy - and unfortunatly because of that I missed both Annabel's and Jamiee's parties last night which is not cool:( Rich has suggested that maybe I am low on iron and that's why I have been feeling so tired and dizzy these past few days - so will go to town today and buy some more iron tablets to see if that makes me feel any better because I seriously have to go to work tommorrow - so much to do.

Today has been pretty uneventful so far - Rich & I sold out juicer on Trade Me and we are just waitng for the lady who bought it to come and pick it up - she said she would come some time this morning and get it - well it's 5 minutes to 12 and she's still not here - so starting to get a bit sick of waiting!!

I've decided to put some of my old clothes on trade me - the ones that are now too big for me - got the idea from the weight watchers magazine - I'm not expecting to get much for them but it's better than nothing!

If and when this lady turns up - we are going shopping I think - for a blender - with the money we are going to get for the juicer.

The blog is still acting totally crazy with the profile in the completely wrong place - EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!! Rich can't work it out either - I'll ask Ross to help me if he comes over this week - unless any of my other computer minded friends want to make an offer to come and help me?