Thursday, February 23, 2006


My gym has finally re-opened - It's very flash too!! It's so light and modern - with awesome views of the city. So now you can do your cardio thing and check out an awesome view - it's great!! Plus I feel so much better because I went to the gym last night - I slept a lot better as well:)

We are going to a play type thing tonight at Paramount - it's called "Heavenly Burlesque" - I imagine it's in a sort of Moulin Rouge style - but it is at the Fringe Festival so it could just about be anything! He's the description off the Paramount site anyways -

"What:Enter the seductive world of Burlesque Circus, Dance and Cabaret, showcasing over 100 artists from New Zealand and overseas. Heavenly Burlesque transforms The Paramount into a world of live original performance and music limited to 3 weekends only.

How:The performance world explodes with wild, fruity, ideas, dreams and images that collide and captivate. Reinvestigating Burlesque allows for an exploration and playing with ideas of "body politics" - sex, gender, courtship, media imagery, and social/ cultural expectations.

Where:Once through the front doors the journey into elaborate worlds of performance begins. Firstly in the Bar / cafe' area the audience will encounter installations, music and theatrical antics, then the cabaret show starts as doors open to the main stage which will host an incredible line up of amazing acts incorporating dance, circus, comedy, music and contributions from the best of the fringe. Short sharp acts no longer than 10 minutes means the show is a thrilling roller coaster ride that guarantees something for everyone! When the main stage show ends the party is just beginning in the bar with bands and DJ's till late. All included in the ticket price! A complete festival experience in the one location. Heavenly Burlesque has it all!

Extravaganza !!!."

I saw the apparently super offensive episode of Southpark last night - I wasn't actually that offended by it - it didn't seem more offensive than other episodes of Southpark. Maybe it's just me?,2106,3581161a6009,00.html

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