Monday, February 20, 2006


I thought that Bitchcraft was on Sunday night - but I was wrong - it was in fact on Saturday and I completely missed out:( I guess it will be on again in a month or so but I love bitchcraft and hate missing it.

I guess being positive it would have saved me some money not going to bitchcraft, plus I think I maybe had heatstroke yesterday? I was feeling a bit tired after around the bays - but then I was feeling a bit sick and had to have an afternoon nap!! I am so not the sort of person to have afternoon naps.

Ross is coming over tonight - and we are going to watch "Metropolis" - it's a very old silent sci fi German film. Rich and I have actually seen it before at a film festival but Ross is keen as a bean to watch it so we don't mind watching it again. It's a really good film - it's a Sci fi film that I actually like so it has to be good!!

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