Monday, February 13, 2006

Martha's coming home!!

I just got an e-mail from my friend Martha to tell me she is coming home from Japan (where she is nannying at the moment) in early April - yah! She is going to be living in Manukau with her mum and dad - but that's ok - I can always fly up and see her. She also told me my blog was very cool - so thank you Marth:)

I have so much other stuff I want to write about - my weekend and bookclub last night - but no time! I won't be able to do it tonight either as we are going to have a picnic on Oriental Parade tonight for Valentine's Day....precious....

Also I have WW again tonight - I'm a bit nervous as -

a) My Gym closed on Saturday for more than a week but not doing as much exercise as normally


b) I went out to eat twice during the week - I think I made good food choices - but I'm not 100% sure - well I will know by tonight!!

Although I was able to resist the Chocolates at bookclub last night - yah me!! Thank God for those tiny carrots....but when I thought of the points value of those chocolates - they were a hell of a lot less appealing!!

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