Friday, February 17, 2006

No Raybon for us:(

As it turns out - we couldn't get tickets to see Raybon Kan - they were all sold out already....

But not all is loss!! We are going to check out another play at the Fringe Festival - it's called "32 Flavours" and it's on at BATS!

I got a description about the play from the BATS website - sounds quite interesting......

"Ice-cream, escapism and stolen panties. 32 Flavours combines a Rum and Raisin accounting student, a Vanilla construction worker and a Gold Rush ice-cream seller who are negotiating their identities in a world where we play different roles for different people. Gender, occupation, family, status and money expose different Flavours within these flatmates."

Hopefully it will be a good night out - it starts at 9:30 - so I will be home a bit later then I wanted to be........but I will survive!!

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