Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Easter Fun Times

As I said in my previous post I didn't get around to doing as much sewing as I would have liked to over Easter due to fun times with friends. Here's a few of the things I got up to over Easter with some awesome people.
On Saturday a whole bunch of us headed over to Greytown (the photo above was taken in a cafe in Greytown). Rich and I got a ride over to Greytown with Matt - here's a few photos of our journey over. I managed not to feel too car sick along the way.

Greytown is a quaint little town with lots of nice cafe, pretty old buildings and antique stores - here's a few photos I took around town.

We also did part of the Greytown Rail Trail whilst we were there (we couldn't do the whole trail as part of it was closed for grazing). It was a pretty walk which you could do at a leisurely pace - no hills or loose gravel here!

Finally we stopped off for a cute little cafe for lunch which was decorated with all kinds of cute, kitsch and retro things and had free Easter eggs as well.

Later on that evening we headed over to another friends house for an Easter pot luck dinner which was fun but I didn't take any photos. I did however play a rad dancing game (I forget the name) which was really fun and made me feel less guilty about eating Easter chocolate and not going to the gym.

The following day Rich and I headed off to the Games Master Exhibition at Te Papa with Conor and Sue - we got to play HEAPS of games and it was pretty rad. Although I have to say glad we arrived early as it filled up pretty quickly.

There's a brief snapshot of my weekend - except for one other thing, I feed my friend Jaimee's cat Luca whilst she was away. I'm actually allergic to cats, but Luca is such a sweetheart I can't help but give her a hug! Plus she REALLY likes me (perhaps because I feed her when Jaimee is away).
Hope you all had a fun time at Easter xoxo


Helga said...

For a second there I was conbfused with Greymouth!!! I don't think I;d even heard of Greytown, I must look it up! Looks like a splendid weekend, spent in great company. I had plans for sewing too, but didn't get what i intended done, but did get some squabs covered and cut out a new frock!
I'm allergic to cats too, but I live on drugs so I can have them around!!! XXX

Vix said...

What a fun time you've had and that's what a bank holiday weekend is all about! Love Luca and you, what a cute couple! xxx

Penny-Rose said...

Wow, you had a busy Easter and so much fun. Thanks for sharing the trip to Greytown. Love the cat photo - I am real sucker for cats in photos.

Krista said...

Love that last photo of you and that furry cat. How sweet! What fun you had exploring with friends and those old stand up arcade games, NO WAY, how cool is that. We have a place here called Wonderland that has all the old arcade games you would LOVE it!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Ooh Luca is gorgeous and your weekend looks amazing Trees, I love seeing the shots from the car, and that trail looks a great walk, I really want to start going proper walks or hikes as soon as the youngest is up for it. Love the neon clouds in the arcade too. It looks like you really made the most of your time off work. xx

Curtise said...

Looks like you had a brilliant Easter weekend! It's great to get out and about and see friends and do different stuff. The trail looks fab and I bet you really enjoyed the games exhibition.
Luca is a beauty, I'm not surprised you had to have a cuddle, allergic or not! xxxx

Stacey said...

I love all your photos! It looks like you had an awesome Easter weekend. That games exhibit thingy looks like so much fun!

alicia said...

i love those jars full of candy/sweets!

bear would have DIED at that video game exhibition! new zealand has everything a bear could ever want.