Thursday, November 05, 2015

Halloween Swap 2015 - Day Two

Onto day two of the Halloween package I made up for Vany this year. Sometimes when I'm sewing or crafting I find the little things are the most difficult. As in I can whip up a shift dress, but making a little purse makes me want to throw things. For day two of the swap I made a little purse and I really wanted to throw things!!

I found the pattern and instructions for this purse from a sewing mag I found in a local bookstore.

The magazine included all the materials to make the purse, but I switched up the fabric and used some more of my Meg dress fabric for the outside of the purse.

Sure it doesn't look so difficult, but it ended up being a total nightmare. Thankfully the final result was pretty rad.

I also made a simple tote from this fabric for day two's package, but I forgot to take photos of the finished tote - whoops!
I also added a couple of extras to this package, these zombie socks (another Pete's Emporium purchase) and these little wooden skulls.

Here's all the day two goodies packaged up ready to go - I really hope Vany likes the wee purse I made, it certainly was a challenge.


Curtise said...

Sometimes what looks like a straightforward and simple sewing task is the one that gives you the biggest headache! But you made the purse in the end and it looks great. xxx

Louise said...

It all looks so cute! You should be proud of how well the purse came out- it's awesome! xx

JuanitaTortilla said...

Well done on your purse attempt! It must be the fiddly bits and too much technicality that drives/drove you mad; I HEAR YOU! :)
Zombie socks are ridiculously awesome :D