Monday, November 16, 2015

Labour Weekend Sunshine

So Labour weekend is the last long weekend we have here in New Zealand before the Christmas break *cries* I'm not too sad thought as I have a few days off work for annual leave before the end of the year for various things.

We were extrodinarily lucky with the weather on Labour weekend though - we had pretty much three sunny days in a row (IN OCTOBER? WHAT?). Anyways here is some of what I got up to during the long weekend.

Rich and I went for a walk in Central Park, along the way we met a man who looked like a guru who told us to "love each other from the inside out and never fight".

I also went for a walk along the waterfront an Oriental Parade with my friend Shell - it was even warm enough to get ice cream!

Rich and I went to the Tennyson Street Fair, the highlight of the fair was the petting zoo - complete with bunnies!

I had the chance to catch up with Ria and we went to the Contraception exhibition at Te Papa - which made us pretty happy its now 2015.

These amazing costumes were on display that belonged to Carmen - perhaps there is going to be a display of Carmen's costumes in the future? I hope so because it would be the best.

We also decided to check out the gardens outside Te Papa seen as it was a beautiful day - even though it was windy. Obviously.

Then we finished up the day with Dwali celebrations that were happening in the city, there were a lot of kids doing traditional dances which was pretty adorable. Also there were people selling all kinds of treasures, but we were both very restrained and didn't buy anything!

So I feel like my blog is WAY behind these days, I have a bunch of other posts in the work. But I think for now I have a date with my sewing machine xo


Vix said...

Looks like a wonderful way to spend a long weekend. We didn't see anything of Divali, just heard the fireworks. xxx

Curtise said...

Beautiful sunshine and blue skies, and people in shorts - not fair, it's chilly here! Looks like you had a fab weekend. xxx