Sunday, November 08, 2015

Halloween Swap - Day Three

When I was going through my stash picking out all the "creepy" fabric to get some inspiration for Vany's package I realised I had a lot of smaller pieces of fabric that was lying around from past projects. I decided that all this fabric needed to be put to good use, in some kind of patchwork project.
I had a look through my craft and sewing books and decided to make a "friendship scarf" from Sew La Tea Do.
I started by cutting out the squares for the scarf and yes, there is still MORE fabric left over from my Meg Dress as well as some scraps from my kawaii high tea outfit.
I backed the scarf with more fabric that was used in my kawaii high tea outfit. Once I sewed it all up the scarf was complete! I'm not sure it will be that useful in the German winter, but I hope Vany can use it in Autumn.

Also for an item of clothing, even a scarf, its good to include an action shot. Kuromi volunteered for the job.

I also added a couple of extras here - in the form of some sugar skulls! First up is a little hand warmer. I used to love these things in the Korean winter, it doesn't really get cold enough here in Wellington to use them, but I am sure Vany will appreciate it in the German winter.
Seen as I was already including one sugar skull extra, I figured I may include another when I found this fun tin with lollies in it, I wanted one of these for myself too - but I managed to resist.

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Louise said...

The scarf looks amazing! I love the fabrics you used. :) xx